Radio Show

Transmission is every Monday at 9 – 11pm (GMT) on University Radio for Nottingham. The show is a trawl through the independent and alternative music scene(s), covering everything from country to noise, hip-hop to indie-pop, dubstep to jazz, classical to IDM.

You can listen live online at URN1350.

If you miss the show, we have a beautiful listen again feature. Go to the Transmission page at and you’ll be able to stream the most recent show, to listen to at your convenience!

Next show: Monday 27th October 2008 @ 9pm with Alex, Toby & Tom.

Tune in from 9 – 11pm (GMT) at URN1350 Student Radio For Nottingham.

Track listings for all the shows of this academic year so far are below:

20th October 2008 (with Toby & Tom) featured album: Deerhoof – Offend Maggie
Food For Animals – Tween Fantasy Reprise
Shit and Shine – Seeing Life Through A Young Man’s Eyes
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Something New
Xix Xiu – Yoyo Bye (Why? cover)
Herman Düne – Try To Think About You
Oxes – Kaz Hayashi ‘01
The Manhatten Love Suicides – Clusterfuck
Flipper – Living for the Depression
…and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Mistakes & Regrets
Lovvers interview (part 1)
Lovvers – Human Hair
Human Hair – Happy Birthday
Sally Shapiro – Anorak Christmas
Deerhoof – Snoopy Waves
Dan Deacon – Crystal Cat
Nuclear Assault – Die Hard (Venom cover)
Dressy Bessy – Shoot, I Love You
Daedelus – Bahia
Marillion – Market Square Heroes
Deerhoof – Fresh Born
Deerhoof – Family of Others
Dislocation Dance – Rosemary
Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Backward
Lovvers interview (part 2)
ZoOoOoM – High Market
Tom’s Awfully Over Produced Country Corner:Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried
Alex Hale’s Fruit Corner: Guillemots – Over The Mountains
Toby’s Darkened Corner: Leviathan – What Fresh Hell
Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas

13th October 2008 (with Alex & Tom) featured album: of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping
Las Escarlatinas – El Diván
Stanley Brinks – Taking The Life Out Of This Town
Jeffrey Lewis – The Complete History of Communism Pts 1 & 2
Sebadoh – Sickles & Hammers
Blueboy – Self Portrait
The Bank Holidays – Cheating, Cheating
The Pancakes – Jane and Jenny
Melt Banana – Cat Brain Land
The Winter Club – Mix Tapes That Lucy Made
Micah P. Hinson – Dyin’ Alone
of Montreal – Id Engager
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton – When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
The Rosie Taylor Project – A Good Cafe On George Street
Shitmat – Fido Dido vs. Simon Mayo
Holy Fuck – Safari
Hubbard – The Switch Up
Smog – To Be Of Use
Pony Up! – The Truth About Cats & Dogs (Is That They Die)
Soiled Mattress & The Springs – Tidal Wave
of Montreal – Gallery Piece
of Montreal – For Our Elegant Caste
The Zebras – A Day On Black Mountain Road
Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebard remix)
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Chimaerica
Alex’s Jazz Corner Miles Davis – Rated X (from The Complete On The Corner Sessions, 2007, Sony Legacy)
Bracken – Martenside
Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh
Low – Dust on the Window
Oval – Line Extension

6th October 2008 (Alex, Toby and Tom) featured album: volcano! – Paperwork
Mastodon – Mother Puncher
Cats In Paris – Loose Tooth Tactile
dälek – Swollen Tongue Burns
Townes Van Zandt – No Deal
Matmos – Cloudhopper
Brutal Knights – U.B.B.C.
volcano! – Slow Jam
Polysics – Kaja Kaja Guu
Marnie Stern – Ruler
Cybotron – Cosmic Raindance
The Deirdres – Claire, are we safe to be on our own?
Nels Cline – Yokada Yokada The Rumproller
Pavement – Blue Hawaiian
Necrophagist – Culinary Hyperversity
Big Business – Hands Up
The Bank Holidays – Tread Easy
volcano! – Africa Wants To Have Fun
volcano! – Sweet Tooth
Fuck Buttons – Mogwai Fear Satan
Alex’s Jazz Corner: John Coltrane – Summertime (from My Favourite Things, 1961, Atlantic)
Vex’d – Crusher Dub

29th September 2008 (Alex, Toby and Tom) featured album: Dungen – 4 (Subliminal Sounds, 2008)
Uncle Tupelo – Graveyard Shift
Deerhoof – Offend Maggie
GZA/Genius – Labels
Shellac – Squirrel Song
Mike Ladd – Back At Ya
Dungen – Ingenting Är Sig Likt
Hello Saferide – Anna
The Chinese Stars – Electrodes in Captivity
Sleep Terror – Autoerotic Spy
Goblin – Markos
Islands – Where There’s A Will There’s A Whalebone
Lonely Ghosts – The Unpopular Future
Leo Kottke – Vaseline Machine Gun
C-Mone – Stan Bac
Love Ends Disaster! – Dinosaur [30 seconds only….]
Dinosaur Pile Up! – Love Is A Boat and We’re Sinking
Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
Pigskin Driver – Metopium Browne
The Jackson Five – Hum Along and Dance
Justice – Genesis
Dungen – Samtidigt 1
Dungen – Mina Damer Och Fasaner
Cannibal Ox – Iron Galaxy
Automat – (The) Rise
Oxbow – Curse
Circle – Track 2
Cutting Pink With Knives – Didi Got Fisted At The Smiths Disco
Captain Beefheart – Sweet Sweet Bulbs

24th September 2008 [Alex, Toby & Tom]
volcano! – Africa Just Wants To Have Fun
Gospel – Paper Tiger
MF Doom – Tick, Tick…
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
Of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit
Human Hair – Things Are Cut Up 3
Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
Cadence Weapon – Limited Edition OJ Slammer
Pharoah Sanders – Greetings To Idris
The Fall – Latch Key Kid
Half Man Half Biscuit – Mathematically Safe
Woodpigeon – Chorus Of Wolves
Hefner – Hello Kitten
Lykke Li – Let I Fall
A Guy Called Gerald – Life Unfolds His Mystery
Fennesz Sakamoto – Aware
Melvins – Joan of Arc
Sylvain Chaveau – LOree du Bois
Talvekoidik – The Moebius Strip
Magma – Maahnt
James Blackshaw – Mirror Speaks
Naked City – Speedfreaks
Nick Cave and The Badseeds – Dig Lazarus Dig!
Annihilation Time – AN
Om – Gebel Barkal
Benga – 26 Basslines

9th June 2008 [Alex & Tom]
Jeffrey Lewis – Complete History of Jeff’s Sexual Conquests Volume 1
The Who – My Generation [not The Shaggs – My Generation as intended!]
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
Charles Haywood – North Soutwark
Charles Mingus – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Miles Davis – Red China Blues
Marcel – I Love This Song
Acid House Kings – Do What You Wanna Do
Let’s Go Sailing – Sideways
Busdriver – Night Of The Living Dead
King Crimson – Dinosaur
Pharoah Sanders – Love Is Here
Xasthur – Black Necrotic Paleness
The Twilight Sad – Here It Never Snowed, Afterwards It Did
MF Doom – Rhymes Like Dimes
Cloudyard Canyon – Joyful Noise
Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror – Lose The Dress
Stanley Brinks – Clean Slate
Burial – Unite
Blowupnihilist – Evidence Of A Psychotic Break
Simon Bookish – Arborescences
Laurel Music – Dreams & Lies
Hayman Watkins Trout & Lee – Jam Eating Blues

2nd June 2008 [Tom and Alex]
Pavement – …And Carrot Rope
The Darling Buds – Long Day In The Universe
The Smittens – Doomed, Lo-Fi and in Love
Lambchop – Soaking In The Pooper
Why? – Song Of The Sad Assasin
The Lemonheads – Style
Mirah & The Black Cat Orchestra – What Keeps Mankind Alive?
Seabear – Libraries
Lost Summer Kitten – Lovesong No. 1
Slow Down Tallahassee – Kiss Me Again
The Hot Toddies – Wet Dream
Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture
DJ Scotch Egg – Tetris Wonderland
Mothlite – The One In The Water
Lydia Lunch – Lady Scarface
Laurie Anderson – O Superman (For Massenet)
Mi and L’au – They Marry
Kavinsky – Testarossa Avenue
Sparky’s Magic Piano – Like Falling In L*ve
Tortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Pancho
The Snow Fairies – Sentimental Love
Earth Defence Force – Fall
U Totem – Dance Of The Awkward
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess

26th May 2008 [Tom and Tamsin]
Alexander Tucker – Poltergeists Grazing
The Wave Pictures – Avocado Baby
Kuryakin – Take My Hand
Panda Riot – Plateau
Strawberry Fair – Why Won’t He Answer
Frank Zappa – I’m The Slime
Kitchens Of Distinction – Mainly Morning
Flight Of The Conchords – Hiphoppotamus vs Rhymenocerous
The Raincoats – Fairytale In The Supermarket
Green Peppers – Blink Of An Eye
Fleet Foxes – Red Squirrel/Sun Rises
The Pastels – Baby, You’re Just You
Scarlett Johansson – Falling Down
She & Him – I Was Made For You
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – You Want That Picture
Azure Ray – Rise
Lambchop – The Man Who Loved Beer
Astropop 3 – Same Old Story
Buck 65 – Protest
Blak Twang – Red Letters
The Cat’s Miaow – You Left A Note On The Table
No Kids – Four Freshman Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down
R Kelly – In The Closet (Parts 3 & 4)

19th May 2008 [Alex and Toby]
Gospel – Paper Tiger
Parov Stelar – Odessa
My Brightest Diamond – Black & Costaud
Voice of the Seven Woods – Sayai Nova
Shitmat- The Fern Britton Experience
Silver Jews – New Orleans
Awesome Colour – Outside Tonight
Telepathe – Chromes On It
Tomahawk – Sun Dance
Cadence Weapon – In search of the Youth Crew
Arab Strap – Driving
Jay Retard – See/Saw
Wolf Parade – Language City
Cloudland Canyon – You & I
Guapo – The Planks
Automat – (The) Advance
Gravediggaz – Blood Brothers
James Horner – Moving Jenny
Bondage Fruit – Hikou Suro Ko
Timo Maas – Hard Life
Art Zoyd – Baboons Blood
Food for Animals – Swampy
Baroness – The Birthing

12th May 2008 [Alex and Tom]
Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
Hills Like White Elephants – Pennantless on Homecoming
Man Or Astroman – Organ Smash
Sunny Intervals – Let The City Run Away With Us
Alamaailman Vasarat – Astiatehdas
The Wedding Present – The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend
Hurrah! – If Love Could Kill
Monks – Hushie Pushie
Psikotic – The Economist
Mike Ladd – I Feel Like $100
Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee – That’s Why She Left Me (That’s Why She Came Back)
Subtle – Unlikely Rock Shock
Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
Elephant Parade – For You
The Rosie Taylor Project – A Few Words Of Farewell
Gravediggaz – 2 Cups Of Blood
She & Him – I Should Have Known Better
Inch feat Mark E. Smith – Inch
Friendly Confines – Growing
Uni And Her Ukelele – Haven’t Been The Same
The Local Heroes – The Years To Come
J Dilla – E = MC2

5th May 2008 [Alex and Tom]
Les Savy Fav – The Sweat Descends
The Housemartins – Happy Hour
Portishead – Machine Gun
Box – Untitled 13
Eric B & Rakim – Microphone Fiend
The Wedding Present – Palisades
Björk – Desired Constellation
Half Man Half Biscuit – Give Us Bubblewrap
More Fire Crew – Oi
Watercolor Paintings – Tender Loving Care
Portishead – The Rip
Ulf Lohmann – Lai King Est
Pizzicato Five – La Dépression
Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee – I Should Have Told Her
Hotpants Romance – Shake
Islands – Abominable Snow
The Birthday Party – Release The Bats
The Marshmallow Kisses – My Dear Giant
Half Man Half Biscuit – Lord Hereford’s Knob
Modeselektor – Dancing Box
Herman Düne – I Wish That I Could See You Soon
Bearsuit – Muscle Belt
The Pop Group – Snowgirl
The Fall – Wolf Kidult Man

28th April 2008 [Toby]
Baroness – Isak
Neu! – Neuschnee
Wire – Strange
Young Marble Giants – Clicktalk
Gogogo Airheart – Taxi Up
Nels Cline – Lonnies Lament
Dosh – Wolves
Dyse – Monstermann
Kayo Dot – Right Hand is The One I want
Animal Collective – Kids On Holiday
Boxcutter – Rusty Break
Melvins – Suicide in Progress
Yes – Siberian Khatru
Rapeman – Log Bass
Auto Da Fe – Just Now
Weakling – This entire Fucking Battlefield

21st April 2008 [Toby and Tom]
Girl Talk – Once Again
Fucked Up – Hidden World
Braintax – Munchies
Fuck – Fuck Motel
Mission Of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
The Blood Brothers – Burn Piano Island, Burn
Rappers Delight Club – When We Were Kids
Silver Jews – Party Barge
The Replacements – Fuck School
Sucrette – Love Prologue
Awesome Animal Ambulance – Operation Kitty
The Fucking Champs – NWOBHM-2
Plan B – Charmaine
The Magik Markers – Body Rot
Marnie Stern – Plato’s Fucked Up Cave

14th April 2008 [Alex and Tom]
The Fall – 50 Year Old Man
Jay Dee – Stop
The Hot Toddies – HTML
Kode9 and Space Ape – Konfusion (Vox)
Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn
Behold… The Arctopus – Exospacial Psionic Aura
Soda Fountain Rag – Go!
The Exploits of Elaine – Eaten by Spiders
Neon Neon – I Told Her On Alderaan
The Just Joans – Bellshill Station
This Heat – A New Kind of Water
Evangelista – The Blue Room
The Caravelles – The Last One To Know
Jens Lekman – The Cold Swedish Winter
DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Party
The Geraldine Fibbers – She’s A Dog
Naked City – Speedball
The Wave Pictures – Three Songs Called Louise
Naked City – Speed Freaks
Shitmat – Happy Ending

10th March 2008 [Alex, Toby and Tom]
Big Business – Hands Up
The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress
Of Montreal – Rapture Rapes The Muse
Suicide – Ghost Rider
Mike Ladd – Airwave Hysteria
Miasma and the Carousel Of Headless Horse – Manticore
Justin Timberlake – My Love
Milanese – Mr. Ion
Jens Lekman – Maple Leaves
Heldon (featuring Gilles Deleuze) – Ouais Marchais, Mieux Qu’en 68 [ex- ‘le Voyageur’]
She & Him – Change Is Hard
Rapeman – Hated Chinee
Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating

3rd March 2008 [No show due to further Varsity sports coverage]

25th February 2008 [No show due to Varsity sports fixtures]

18th February 2008 [Tom]
Nadja – Guilted
Carla Bozulich – Pissing
Those Dancing Days – 1000 Words
A Smile And A Ribbon – My Bunny’s Back
13 & God – Perfect Speed
Times New Viking – The Early ’80s
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Fucking Right!
The Manhatten Love Suicides – Sycamore Peripheral
Dungen – Du Ska Inta Tro Att Det Ordnar
Ruby Suns – Tane Mahuta
Robert Wyatt – Just As You Are
The Deirdres – Claire, Are We Safe To Be On Our Own?
Giraffes? Giraffes! – When The Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme
A Smile And A Ribbon – A Nice Walk In The Park
Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee – Dirty Tube Train

11th February 2008 [Alex and Tom]
David Thomas Broughton – Execution
MF Doom – Dead Bent
Cat Power – Don’t Explain
Matthew Herbert – Nigella, George, Tony and Me
Slow Down Tallahassee – U R Grace U R
Hubbard – The Switch Up
Vancouver Nights – Joy Is Like The Rain
Television Personalities – Silly Girl
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
mr_hopkinson’s computer – Where Is My Mind?
Miranda Lambert – Dry Town
GZA – AutoBio
The Vaselines – Son Of A Gun
Aksak Maboul – Saure Gurke
The Tuss – Death Fuck

4th February 2008 [Alex and Toby]
Mamatus – Dragon Of The Deep III
Kode9 & The Space Ape – Bodies
M.I.A. – Bamboo Banga
NIfty – Tune Into You
Autechre – IO
Arvo Part – Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten
Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love From Planet Earth
Milanese – Dead Man Walking (DJ Distance Remix)
Tomahawk – Ghost Dance
The Mountain Goats – Lovecraft in Brooklyn
Les Rallizes Dénudés – The Night Collectors
H.P. Lovecraft – At the Mountains of Madness
Alec Empire – 1000 Eyes
Earth – Rise to Glory

28st January 2008 [Toby and Tom]
The Great Neurasthenic – The Ultra Dolphins
British Sea Power – Lucifer
Low – Hatchet
Blind Terry – The Subtle Art Of How To Break A Heart
Om – Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead
Xiu Xiu – Under Pressure
Sylvain Chaveau – Le Tunnel
Joanna Newsom – Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
Daedelus – Sawtooth Ekg
Stephen Malkmus – Baltimore
Evan Miller – Beeswax Ephemera
Why? – The Hollows
Sleep – Druid
Destroyer – Dark Leaves From A Thread
Pig Destroyer – Delusional Supremacy
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Flocks 1
Xiu Xiu – I Do What I Want, When I Want
Baby Grandmothers – Being Is More Than Life
Wolves In The Throne Room – Cleansing

21st January 2008 [Alex and Tom]
The Fall – Theme From Sparta FC
Health – Crimewave
William Elliot Whitmore – Dry
[The User] – Efficiency
Animal Collective – For Reverend Green
Thinking Plague – Malaise
Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof
Devon Sproule – Let’s Go Out
Steve Reich – Clapping Music
J Dilla – The $
Tender Forever – Heartbroken Forever
Butcher Boy – Girls Make Me Sick
Lush – Hypocrite
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – Logic Moon
Boredoms – Acid Police

14th January 2008 [Tom and Toby]
NIfty – Fill The Arena With Sound
The Magnetic Fields – Too Drunk To Dream
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
Hank Williams Snr – Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To Do?
Pissed Jeans – I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream)
Helen Love – Rodney’s English Disco
Talvekoidik – Concealed Longings
The Robot Ate Me – The Genocide Ball
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
Black Mountain – Wucan
The Toothaches – Everything
Sylvan Chaveau – Marianne
Kenickie – Nightlife
Stars of the Lid – Funeral
Boredoms – Super Coming

7th January 2008 [Alex and Toby]
ZoOoOoOm – High Market
Deer Tick – Art Isn’t Real (City Of Sin)
Alec Empire and Merzbow – Alliance
Durrty Goodz – Keep Up
Rapeman – Steak and Black Onions
Yeasayer – 2080
Oxes – Chyna, Chyna, Chyna
Burzum – Erblicket Die Tochtre Des Firmaments
Pinch – Gangstaz Instrumental
Dengue Fever – Tiger Phone Card
Army Of Flying Robots – Black Hole In One
Jens Lekman – A Postcard To Nina
Lovvers – No Romantics
Derek Bailey & Ruins – Quinka Matta

10th December 2007 [Alex and Tom]
The Twilight Sad – Talking With Fireworks/Here It Never Snowed
Ellen Allien and Apparat – Turbo Dreams
dälek – Bricks Crumble
Shackleton – Blood On Our Hands
The Royal We – All The Rage
Oxbow – Time, Gentlemen, Time
Bill Callahan – Day
Roll Deep – Penpals
Panda Bear – I’m Not
Von Südenfed – Serious Brainskin
The Field – A Paw In My Face
Burial – Raver
Battles – Leyendecker

3th December 2007 [Tom]
Sally Shapiro – I Know
TTC – Paris Paris
Johnny Cash – Hurt
Aidan John Moffat – The Boy That You Love
Jeffrey Lewis – System System
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Part 2 IBM 1403 Printer
Shapes & Sizes – Island’s Gone Bad
Plan B – Missing Links
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Canadian Boyfriend
Françoise Hardy – La Fille Avec Toi
Vanity 6 – He’s So Dull
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bob Wilson, Anchorman
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – The World’s Greatest
R Kelly – The World’s Greatest
Ladyscraper – 2 in the Pink 1 in the Stink

26th November 2007 [Alex and Tom]
Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth
Cadence Weapon – Lisa’s Spider
The Hermit Crabs – Friend’s Folk Festival (mp3)
JME – 96 Bars of Revenge
Porter Wagoner – Fool Like Me
Gospel – A Golden Dawn
Scout Niblett – Kiss
Nico – Roses In The Snow
Buckethead – Diabolical Mind
Les Etoiles – Empty Carriage
California Snow Story – Suddenly Everything Happens
The Fucking Champs – These Glyphs Are Dusty
Skepta – Not Your Average Joe

19th November 2007 [Alex and Toby]
Helium – Silver Strings
Kode9 and The Spaceape – Backward
Sage Francis – Good Fashion
The Knife – Lasagna
AFX – Every Day
Mogwai – Cody
Lucky Pierre – Angels On Your Body
Prefuse 73 – Prog Version Slowly Crushed
Meat Puppets – Split Myself In Two
Silver Jews – Night Society
I Love Sarah – De Fons
Akufen – Even White Horizons
Martin Grech – I Am Chromasome
Beans – Shards Of Glass
Rufus Wainwright – Oh What a World
Q and not U – Collect the Diamonds
Ten in the Swear Jar – San Jose Fight Song
Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff – Boom Shake Shake Shake The Room
Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff – Summer Time (7″ Single Mix)

12th November 2007 [Alex and Tom]
Bohren und Club Der Gore – Constant Fear
Library Tapes – Skiss Ar Trad
Burial – Near Dark
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Money In The Afterlife
Chrome Hoof – Tonyte
edIT – Artsy
Charlie Louvin – Knoxville Girl
Richard Youngs – Low Bay of Sky
Joeyfat – Waiferville
David Lynch – Audrey
Tullycraft – Our Days In Kansas
Boxcutter – Rusty Break
Kylie Minoise – Vintage Car Bondage
Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink

5th November 2007 [Alex and Toby]
Chavez – The Flaming Gong
Vialka – Menstrels
Robert Wyatt – A.W.O.L.
Pissed Jeans – Fantasy World
Buck 65 – 1957
The Field – From Here We Go Sublime
Wiley – Baby Girl
Cinematic Orchestra – Orgon
GZA – Fourth Chamber
Kevin Ayers – Cold Shoulder
Deerhunter – Heatherwood
Oxbow – Saturn (Xiu Xiu cover)
Comets on Fire – Jay Bird
Saskrotch – Super Mario Bros 3
Burial – Raver

29th October 2007 [Toby and Tom, joined by Josh]
Beirut – Un dernier verrie
Sebadoh – Gimmie Indie Rock
Unwound – Message Received
Laura Veirs – Cast Me A Hook
Fudge Tunnel – Good Kicking
Thurston Moore – Frozen Gtr
Ellen Allien – Metric
Coralie Clément – Indecise
Big Black – Bad Houses
Shellac – My Black Ass
Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee – Hesitation Blues
Oxbow – Stick
Shitmat – That Goat Skull Ain’t No Good For Salivating K-Head Zombies
Flour – Midi This
Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses – Rabbits Foot
The Handsome Family – Tesla’s Hotel Room

22nd October 2007 [Tom]
The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour
Taken By Trees – Lost & Found
Yelle – Ce Jeu
Townes van Zandt – Waiting Around To Die
Slow Club – Apples and Pairs
The Bobby McGee’s – No Friends (aka Ivor Cutler Is Dead)
Josh Turner (feat. Ralph Stanley) – Me & God
Montgomery Gentry – Lucky Man
Bearsuit – Foxy Boxer
Au Revoir Simone – Stars
The Broken Family Band – You Get Me
Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
Peanuts Wilson – Cast Iron Arm
Lavender Diamond – Here Comes One
Sakert! – Och Jag Mig Till Somns Ef
El Perro Del Mar – God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
Pre – Popping Showers

15th October 2007
[Alex and Toby]
Death From Above 1979 – Going Steady
Marnie Stern – Every Single Line Means Something
Xiu Xiu – Clowne Towne
Cybotron – Clear
Venetian Snares – Pink + Green
Health – Crystal Castles VS Health (Crimewave Remix)
Steven Malkmus – Do Not Feed (The Oyster)
Axehandle – Face Down
The Replacements – Dope Smoking Moron
Beriut – Cherbourg
Eric B. and Rakim – Microphone Fiend
Gay Death Probe – Halfords Makes A Nice Holiday Destination
Boris – Hama
Radiohead- All I Need

8th October 2007
[Alex, Toby and Tom]
Shellac – The End of Radio
GZA – Labels
Von Sudenfed – The Rhinohead
Battles – Tonto
Ten In the Sweat Jar – I Love The Valley
Herman Dune – My Friends Kill My Folks
Oxbow – S Bar X
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower – Sometimes I Wish I’d Lost A Leg
Busdriver – Secret Skin
Coco Rosie – Raphael
Neil Young – For The Turnstiles
Patrick Wolf – Childcatcher
Wilco – Impossible Germany

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