Posted by: TomA | 24 October 2010


From time to time, I get to travel and stay in hotels far nicer and far more expensive than I could ever afford to pay for personally. The bathrooms are frequently larger than flats I’ve lived in in London and the views are normally far superior to the council-flats-over-the-road I have now (though, admittedly, I do have a soft spot for their architecture, mimicking a more oppressive and far cheaper version of the MI5 HQ on Embankment).

The reality of this is that I spend about 3 hours in the room trying to sleep while being very aware that I’m a) rather drunk and b) have to get up and doing something serious in a couple of hours, having spent the rest of the night trying to be sociable and “network”, whatever that may be.

As this particular event was up in Scotland, there was also the requirement to dress correctly. Strangely liberating…

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