Posted by: TomA | 16 August 2010


I don’t want to milk this too much or anything, but here’s some  x-rays from before and after the surgery I had back in the spring. See those three bits of clavicle above? They’re supposed to be joined together. And behold, below, my fancy new titanium self, complete with 6 great big screws into the bone.

There’s something I find fascinating about x-rays. Its partly just the black and white imagery, partly still being impressed by the science of taking photographs of things with “invisible” parts of the light spectrum, and quite a lot of amazement at staring at bits of you that you’d never normally see – all those bits that meet up just right and allow you to do the things you take for granted every day.

Still, I have no intention of having any more taken any time soon, which means taking the scenic route to work and not racing around potholes, dicing with traffic and being hit by anything.


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