Posted by: TomA | 10 August 2010

Mongolia Rally: Land Rover Defender Update

It was 2 years ago when we took our Defender 110 out to Mongolia for the CPDF. The initial intention was to auction all the vehicles on the rally to raise funds for the charity, so they could provide more beds for orphaned kids and hire teachers and nurses for them. Given the sometimes sketchy political shenanigans in that part of the world, it wasn’t a huge surprise to us when a few months after, the government changed and decided to u-turn on a lot of the promises the previous government had made – which included giving us all exemption on the import duties and taxes for bringing our vehicles into the country. This left the charity with a hefty tax bill and lots of cars, some of which were of little use to it and could be auctioned anyway, with the net cash helping them improve the services on offer to UB’s orphans. Some however, such as our Land Rover Defender, have been kept by the charity for daily use. At the moment, there are a few Land Rover based ambulances heading over to be presented to the charity – and from what I hear from the folks at Go Help, our Defender is likely to join these vehicles in providing medical relief to those in Mongolia. If it was big enough for 4 of us to live in for 7 weeks, it’ll certainly fit a wealth of medical equipment and have no problem getting anywhere it might need to go in Mongolia.

So a big thanks to everyone who helped us with the vehicle and to all of you who either donated to our diesel fund or to the other charities we were supporting, Water Aid and Save the Children.


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