Posted by: TomA | 21 April 2010


I realise I’ve not posted anything since going under the knife at the end of March. Somehow its three weeks later…

As you may have guessed, the operation went fine. I’m not fond of hospitals, blood, etc etc so wasn’t really looking forward to it. In the end, it wasn’t too bad. I had a bit of a wait lying on a trolley in the anaesthetist’s room waiting to be put under and came round about four hours later (presumably about 2 hours later than intended, given the anxious look on the face of the nurse when I did wake up). Which meant being kept in ward overnight – not a pleasant experience when you’d hoped to be home, when you can’t move the top half of your body thanks to the pressure dressing on your shoulder. Which makes things like drinking tea lying flat on your back rather tricky.

By the next afternoon I was rather anxious to get out – to the point where I went to find the X-ray department,  and then the doctor to get them signed off so I could be let home. The middle piece of bone that might have been pinned to my new titanium plate was taken out, as it wasn’t in a good state, far more broken up than initially thought.

The last few weeks have been hard going, all told. Every day tasks become challenging with one hand, though I’m starting to master techniques for washing up the dishes one handed. Cooking isn’t easy (though Andrew’s stepped in frequently) and carrying anything becomes a logistical problem. Its on the mend though, I can feel that – today has been my first day without painkillers (so far), which feels like a massive step forward. That’s not to say it hasn’t been painful but its a continuous dull, aching pain, rather than the exruciating, throbbing and horrible feelings I’ve had up to now. I can just about carry a cup of tea with my left hand.

All this volcanic ash hasn’t made things easy either – my trip to Copenhagen Popfest with 3 of my best friends was cancelled last weekend. The hastily arranged weekend in the Peak District was magical however, with an otter/owl sanctuary, trips down caves, ridiculous amounts of tea and cake and drives through the countryside soundtracked by Bon Jovi – it was still missing one essential element. I’d been hoping to be able to go and see her this weekend, but getting a flight at the moment isn’t easy so looks like that’ll be postponed for another week. Sadness.

As the shoulder heals and I become more proficient at typing one handed, this blog may well get some life again. In the mean time, bear with me.


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