Posted by: TomA | 30 March 2010


This blog post is scheduled to be published while I’m waiting in pre-theatre at the hospital for surgery on my fractured clavicle. I’ve never been under general anaesthetic nor had any form of surgery before, so I’m a touch nervous about it all, given I don’t really like needles, blood or hospitals. Still, it sounds a reasonably simple hour long procedure (with the inevitably long list of unlikely complications that don’t really bare thinking about) and the surgeon is optimistic I’ll be out and home by evening. The procedure is to insert a titanium plate to hold the three pieces of my collar-bone in place. Apparently, being fairly slim, I should be able to feel the plate under the skin once it is there; I guess you might even be able to see the new addition, which’d be interesting.

I am particularly looking forward to setting off the metal detectors in airports with it. And, of course, having a fully functioning shoulder in a couple of months time and being able to get back on my bike. Fingers crossed…

I’m not normally the type to put topless photos of myself on the internet…. [after the jump]

… but I’m making an exception here. This is my collar bone at its most relaxed. When it hurts and I tense up, it can stick out quite a bit more (eugh). The photo also doesn’t show just quite how yellow the skin is around (shudder). I’m complete with pre-surgery doodling.



  1. I hope you took this yourself using a mirror – otherwise you’ve got the arrow on your right, not left side . . . . . . .

  2. Pic taken via the mirror because my arms aren’t long enough otherwise….

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