Posted by: TomA | 10 February 2010

If only every gig…

… was as life affirming as Allo Darlin’ last night at Barden’s, Stoke Newington. It was a gig with everything you could want: 4 of my favourite bands, both of the moment (Allo Darlin’, who have evolved into what could be the perfect pop band) and of all time (Darren Hayman, playing The Secondary Modern), dancing and surprise guest appearances (Amelia Fletcher with Darren Hayman, and Monster Bobby with Allo’ Darlin).

I really can’t get enough of Allo Darlin’. Elisabeth played a new song solo that was utterly moving, while the majority of their set is so supremely feel good. Hayman always makes me beam with joy, whether he’s playing solo, with a backing band, performing Hefner songs, as part of his bluegrass project or anything else I’ve stumbled upon that’s had his involvement. All the better to see him so happy to be on a stage again, following what sounded to be a rather brutal attack that left him hospitalised after a Nottingham gig. I once felt Nottingham was my city; it’s now been a while since I’ve lived there, yet I still feel a pang of guilt about the whole incident. Tender Trap too deserve a mention, for I’ve never seen them play without wanting to hear at least another couple of songs at the end.

I meant to take photos. I forgot, too busy dancing and revelling. So here’s a picture back from Tender Trap’s gig at Mother’s Ruin, Bristol, playing for Big Pink Cake.



  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in Bristol with us!

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