Posted by: TomA | 10 February 2010

Bearsuit @ Proud Galleries, Camden

Since I moved down to London last weekend, I’ve not really had time to blog much. For a change, this isn’t purely laziness, but being busy. It took me all week to get around to unpacking anything, with too many gigs to attend and friends to go for a drink with. I am absolutely adoring being in London. Living with my best friend from school has been great fun so far and it has been so refreshing to be able to catch up with nearly all of the friends I normally miss – evenings of gigs with Ste, cups of tea with Louis, films with Nic, pub grub with Ellie and hopefully catching up with Luke+Ellie, little Ben, Henry and more over the next few days. All I need know is for Alex & Tammy and Hannie to move closer and we’re away!

Cycling to work has also been a wonderful change. While I used to enjoy the 45 minutes to myself while driving to Swindon every day from Bristol, as it gave me the chance to listen to some music or something interesting on Radio4, a 20 minute cycle ride each way into the city really helps kick start my day at work and my evening when I return.

Onto Bearsuit. I’ve been seeing them play live for probably getting on for a decade now; they’re on the bands I hold ever so dearly to my heart. I don’t want to ramble too much more, but they were cracking playing some new songs in Camden last week. New album has been recorded I believe, so I’m eagerly awaiting hearing that…


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