Posted by: TomA | 31 January 2010


… you believe a friend is lying, what should you do?

When everything points to a hypothesis but without hard fact to back anything up. When being blunt and asking directly doesn’t seem appropriate. When there could well be a plausible explanation for everything. When you just can’t think what that might be. When you can’t win, suspicions correct or not. When you can’t just ignore it. When you genuinely feel you need to know. When knowing could be worse then not knowing. When it may be too late anyway.

When will you know? When will you be able to forget once you do?



  1. Quoth WordPress:

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * The 1947 Crash at Roswell, Analysis of Competing Hypothesis”

    Of course, until I read that, I had not the foggiest clue of what you are on about.

    I keep meaning to post a comment and say that you’re taking some lovely photos. You are, by the way! I didn’t realise you took nice photos.

  2. Having read that link, I’m now unsure I understand! I apologise for being fairly cryptic; some of you will know what this is about and some of you will hopefully enjoy the [meaningful] picture of some wooden ducks in the Peak District.

    Thank you – I’m trying to be more active with my cameras, so hopefully over the next few months there’ll be more and more photos to go up on this blog…

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