Posted by: TomA | 26 January 2010

Stokes Croft

Despite having lived in Bristol for eight months and walked through Stokes Croft just about every time I go anywhere, I’ve only just gotten around to taking some photographs of the area. I always find this, that by living somewhere I take the best bits for granted.

I did it in Vancouver, ignoring the every day and mundane that actually make the places you are so special, that intrinsic part of the environment. It is not the most beautiful views, the most unusual architecture or the most photographed places that remain the most memorable; it is the what forms the fabric of your life every day. The things you don’t bat an eyelid at until they’re gone.

One day I’ll learn to appreciate these things from the off and not wait until I’m about to move out of town. So, a week left in Bristol and then on to pastures new. In many ways, I don’t feel ready to leave yet. I know the city has so much more to offer me. Just as I am beginning to uncover some of its gems, to understand the place and identify where my involvement should be, I’m gone. Partly it is itchy feet (I appear unable to settle anywhere of late) and partly it is opportunity elsewhere. Lessons are to be learnt.

I shall open my eyes and see what I have so frequently been blind to.

More pictures after the jump.



  1. love these pics! found you on Miss believer

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