Posted by: TomA | 11 January 2010

Guilty Reform Pleasures

Sat in the car driving to Butlins for the ATP festival in December, we were reminiscing about bands we used to go see when we were young, given that so many bands seem to be getting back together to play gigs, for better or for worse. King Adora (almost) united the car (Hannie remembered them but I don’t think could compete with Luke or my teenage enthusiasm for them) and we joked about how they should get back together and start playing King Adora songs once more, having come close to booking their subsequent High Society outfit for a gig (more as a joke than anything else) a couple of years back. No chance of them getting back together though, they were hardly that huge – getting about as far as supporting Queens Of The Stone Age on a decent size tour, releasing a debut album that got airplay with Lamacq and his ilk of the time before disappearing (I think after releasing a follow up album).

So, by chance, I stumbled upon a listing at The Garage where they’re due to play a comeback gig. Can’t seem to ascertain whether this is their first gig back or if they’ve been knocking around again for a while, but needless to say, I’m dead excited. Luke and Ellie jumped at the chance to come see them, and with a bit of gentle persuasion (the offer of dressing up and a bit of glitter seemed to do it), Indiehorse is coming down to London for it too. We shall Scream And Shout and no doubt Smoulder too and it’ll be just like we’re 15 once more…



  1. I love how dated that photo looks. Immense.

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