Posted by: TomA | 3 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

A new year; hell, a new decade. Life is pretty sweet currently.  I’m enjoying my life at work, which 15 months after having started in Swindon has now given me the chance to move to London (albeit for a 6 month spell, beyond that, who knows…). I’ve got better at keeping in touch with friends and ensuring I go visit them, rather than just thinking about it. I’ve been to some cracking gigs and to some wonderful places over the past 12 months. And I’ve drunk a lot of delicious teas. But there’s all sorts of jazz I’ve still not got my act together, which for the record should form some sort of resolution. We’ll see if 12 months down the line I’ve actually pulled my finger out at all:

Photography. I love it but only seem to have a camera on my half the time, and then often forget to use it. I will take more photos, make more use of my cameras, learn how to use photoshop, take pictures of friends and family, the places I go, the ordinary and the unusual, and I will finally get on with a regularly updated photoblog.

Music. It is such a huge part of my life, I struggle to do anything without a tune in the background, or at least in my head. It has been far too long since I’ve DJ’d in a club, played records on the radio or put on a gig. I will do all these things in 2010. London may have several new (and wonderful looking) indiepop nights springing up, but I shall find a way to make my mark. I will also attempt to get back on track with a some form of indiepop blog. Its been in the pipeline for ages, but this time I’ll do it.

Cycling. I will cycle more this year. I won’t get the bus to work if its cold or wet, I’ll be on my bike.

Travel. I still have the itch to travel. This year I will go somewhere I’ve not been before. Places high on the list include Sweden, Iceland, Iran, Japan, and the Koreas. I may only have the time and money to do one, but exploring Sweden could be magic.

That will do, won’t it? Unless you can think of anything else?


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