Posted by: TomA | 3 January 2010

Final call for tea tasting

This is your final call for tea tasting – if you want in, let me know by the end of the week, else it’ll be too late!

If you’ve missed my ramblings about this, here’s the gist:

I send you half a dozen or so tea bags in the post, each in a numbered envelope. You brew these teas, smell, taste, compare and generally be geeky about tea, take photos, score and send me your comments. Accumulated comments from everyone, with their scores (score sheets will be provided) then go up on this blog before the identity of the winning (and losing) teas are revealed. All you need is a kettle, half a dozen or so mugs and a splash of milk. Oh, and an overwhelming appetite for tea.

Email/text/tweet/comment here to confirm your interest.



  1. of course

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