Posted by: TomA | 25 November 2009

Tune in!

It has been over a year since I’ve been let loose on the radio to play incessant indiepop and gabba. And I’ve really missed it.

But hold on! It’s ok! Come the new year there’ll be more radio shenanigans! Sunday evenings on Bristol University’s student radio will play host to myself and Paul, who’s well versed in this whole radio jazz, having presented an excellent show in Manchester for several years.

I daren’t try and replicate the joys of Transmission (I fear the sexual tension between myself and Alex may never break the airwaves again!), so it’ll be something slightly new. Though rest assured, indie pop will feature heavily, as well lots of country and shouty Scottish indie-rock.

More details as and when I get them.



  1. Only yesterday was I talking about the sexual tension between you & my boyfriend. All those ‘will they, won’t they’ sparks……

  2. Will they, won’t they; did they, didn’t they…. Gah, late for work! x

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