Posted by: TomA | 21 November 2009

…onwards and sideways

Now’s the time for a change of tact. I’ve a couple of new projects in the pipeline, which’ll get there own pages. Which leaves the question, what is this blog for? Up until now its been a catch all: initially covering my time living in the idyllic surroundings of Vancouver, BC, boasting to friends and family about the mischief I was getting up to exploring the United States, evolving into something more academic, then a way of assuring mother I was alive and well and not kidnapped by Russian bandits on the way to Mongolia. And since? Well, its descended into an ill-maintained, self indulgent void.

At the moment, there’s no intention to scrap this, but the time may come. I’m toying with the idea of making it private, using it more as a personal blog to allow friends close and far away to browse my ramblings at will, but I may keep it open for the moment.

With the move into the age of a reliable laptop (hopefully) sometime soon, I’m intending to get more photos up, get back onto the indiepop blogging. The latter may evolve from being purely a blog – the radio show may come first and hopefully if I can find the energy may grow into a [n infrequent] gig/club night and potentially a [cassette] label too. These are my intentions. My resources are significantly inferior. The future will decide whether any of these come to fruitition or not.


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