Posted by: TomA | 4 November 2009

Blind Tea Tasting – Taste Two (Get Involved!)

All of this tea tasting made me think – why should the joy of blind tea tasting be confined to my friends at work? Why can’t all my tea loving buddies get a taste?

So here’s the plan.

If you’re game, I’ll post you a selection of sealed and marked envelopes, each containing a different tea bag. A final envelope will contain the identities of each tea. We can then synchronise our tea tasting to a time we all have time for tea, as tea tasting takes time, and similtaneously taste teas, blind, together. Ideally, we’d all be able to taste at the same time, allowing tea-tweets or live tea-blogging.

This offer is open to all and everyone. Only requirement is that you must like tea. A lot. And send me your address.

I do however need some help tracking down new and exciting teas for us to taste. It must be bagged, for work time convenience. It should be a square bag, without any writing or give away labels (no pyramid bags or round Tetleys bags or anything). It should be a black tea, of similar style to a breakfast tea, so we’re comparing roughly similar teas. This is no place to be rolling out chais, russian caravans or mango teas. So, please fire away with your tea selections, I’ll pop to the shops with the tea and we’ll take it from there.

Brew on!


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