Posted by: TomA | 17 August 2009

Flickr: Finally gone pro

I finally got round to getting a pro flickr account and uploaded a bunch of old photos, from the drive to Mongolia, road trips around the USA and some other odds and sods. Also means I (and you, lovely reader) can access some of my older photos.

It is supposed to be the impetus to focus on photography a bit more, ensure I’ve always got a camera on hand and get back into the habit of photography not only the unusual or the scenic, but also the everday, the normal. Everywhere I’ve been I have photos of the sights and the memorable, yet none of what actual made those places so interesting, so special – the things you look over when confronted with them every day.

It should also mean I drag myself to more gigs, see more bands and take more photos in that setting. And as a result of all of this, if I’m really lucky, I’ll start taking better photographs. We’ll see.

So if you fancy a browse of what has come before, click here and explore a little. Most I’ve organised into sets, yet there are loads of loose photos floating around too. I’d welcome comments, either on this blog or on flickr itself, so knock yourselves out….


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