Posted by: TomA | 2 August 2009


Weekends without Indietracks just don’t cut it; I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms ever since. Its not just the cracking line up (musical highlights including La Casa Azul, Camera Obscura, Cats On Fire, One Happy Island, Au Revoir Simone, The School, The Marshmallow Kisses, and all number of impromptu performances including some Talulah Gosh songs performed acoustically by Amelia Fletcher), or the opportunity to go play on numerous old steam trains. Its not the huge variety of local ales, not the choice of discos generally playing all the songs you love but only get to hear in your bedroom, nor the excellent nature trail (4 (four!!) types of dog spotted). Nor is it feeding angry geese bananas, befriending the local felines, or trying to play football in the rain holding an umbrella and a full pint. It’s probably just hanging with friends you don’t see often enough, bumping into friends you didn’t expect to see and making new friends while you’re at it.

Best weekend for a long long time.



  1. it was awesome. the nature trail and 4-types-of-dogs had slipped my mind somehow. Possibly that’s a measure of just how much awesome there was.

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