Posted by: TomA | 9 February 2009

Has it really been that long?

You’ll probably have noticed I’ve failed to post anything for quite a while. The last blog post(s) were commentary on Swindon’s culinary, er, delights. You’ll be pleased to know my stomach and I won through, I have not died, nor have I been host to any unpleasant food borne critter. Instead, I have just been rather lazy about blogging. And a bit busy, if you’d be so naive as to believe that…

This isn’t the place to discuss work, though I will mention I am actually rather enjoying what I do, which wasn’t expected when I moved down. However, the past few weeks it has felt like I’ve lost everything else that was important to me – friends, getting to gigs, having a “social” life, however insular that may have been in the past. Which is curious, as for the past 18 months when looking at jobs, planning what to do, who to work for and where, my priorities were (and still are) essentially the other way round. Life first, then work. An enjoyable rewarding job somewhere that I enjoy living was the plan. I have the former, I’m currently doubting whether I have the latter.

Somewhere along the line things didn’t quite plan out as desired. At least I know more or less where it went wrong, and why, though the past twelve months haven’t necessarily made that any easier to deal with. Still, at a time when jobs aren’t the easiest to come by, being able to turn up in the office every morning and work with people I like and think about things that interest me isn’t bad at all. And in three months time its all change.

Which brought me to think – what’s the important thing here, what is it I really want from the next 6 months? If its solely work related (and it isn’t), there’s a wealth of options available, in a variety of departments (which is as specific as I’ll get). But they’re all in different geographical locations. I could stay here in Swindon, move down to London or over to S.W. Germany. Swindon has perhaps the work areas closest to my heart; London would provide a plentiful supply of extra curricular activities and easy access to a large number of my closest friends, while Germany may be the place to satisfy the itch to travel and to explore than Wiltshire just can’t provide for.

And yet it gets far more complicated than just that. Does the social life London would provide be enough to compensate for gaining experience in an area I’m not sure I’d want to pursue; going further, in an subject matter I’d quite happily see be made redundant for the resultant environmental gains. The German experience could be fantastic, yet could well be far too Lost In Translation for me, speaking little-to-no German and being even further from those whom mean the most. But is that reason to not go? Isn’t half the fun in immersing yourself in challenging scenarios, testing yourself and coming out stronger on the other side?

I don’t know.

But  I may well keep my self indulgent rambling public for your bemusement. All of which begs the question, why does this blog exist? No longer did I get to explore  Vancouver and the United States (Swindon really isn’t the same!), I’ve no bizarre/tiresome visa/vaccination/Mongolia prep tales to tell, I’ve no longer radio and DJ setlists to publish  and I’m feeling a bit out of the loop to blog about experimental/behavioural economics.

I have however just bought a new camera, so for the mean time, this may simply be a forum for charting my progress as I learn to use the beast. We’ll see…



  1. Blogging Swindon could be pretty niche.

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