Posted by: TomA | 4 November 2008

Swindon Food Guide: Day 2

Having spent most of the evening looking at houses, it was even later when I got to eat this evening and Old Town was just as dead as last night. I settled on a curry from Picklejohn’s. Which seemed to be some kind of pub/bar/curryhouse. They had IPA on pump, so it was immediately better than last night.

The food however was a touch disappointing. The lamb saag hasn’t seen fresh spinach in its life, and the last mouthful of what I assumed to be lamb on the fork turned out to be a large burnt lump of cardomen pods and coriander seeds. Bit of a shame the rest of the curry didn’t taste of anything. Strange colour too, an off green sludgey goo that reminded me of the gunk the kitchen sink got bunged up with last summer. The keema naan wasn’t as bad – though gone was all the light, doughy pleasure you normally get, replaced with a grilled and overly crunchy and extremely flat piece of bread, with something or other tucked inside. It wans’t meat, it didn’t taste of anything, but at least was the right colour.

The barstaff were friendly enough though. I now know not to live anywhere in Swindon beginning with a P. I’ll get stabbed, raped, mugged or whored apparently. Fun.


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