Posted by: TomA | 3 November 2008

Swindon Food Guide: Day 1

Its a wet Sunday night in Swindon and I’m hungry. However, I spent longer in Oxford than planned and can’t get into the B&B, so finding food becomes my first priority before it’s too late. About the only place that is still serving food and isn’t completely empty is MaKenzie’s Bistro, which looks a little bit like an upmarket Yates’s.

They’ve no real ale at all. Oh dear.

They’d hardly any food in the freezer so the microwave was undoubtedly feeling neglected. Burgers, pies, fish and chips, sausages and tuna are all off. To be fair, the girl on the bar let me order my fajitas without asking for the extra £4 over what I’d already paid. It came out quickly, on a sizzly hotplate, which seemed promising. Shame then that the french dressing had totally missed the salad and instead sat in a mushy puddle in the middle of the now very soggy tortillas, while the plastic cheese had sweated some unslightly mess into the middle of the plate.

In all honesty, it wasn’t too bad. The beef was fine, if a bit chewy, but the peppers and onions were both crispy and nicely charred. And there was lots of it. Still, £12? Hm. I have since been informed they apparently do a good salad, so I may yet venture back to investigate that.


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