Posted by: TomA | 28 October 2008

URN Playlist – 27th October 2008 – My Final Transmission!

Last night was my last radio show on URN before I leave Nottingham and move south this weekend. Having been doing the show in one form or another for 4 years or so now, I have to say it was really rather sad leaving the studio for the final time knowing I’ll never be back. The show itself was really good fun, Alex (bless him) sacrificed his Jazz Corner to allow me 15 minutes at the end of the show to play a few songs back to back. My quickly compiled mix probably reflects fairly well what I’ve played on the show over the years – a bit of country here, a bit of gabba there, some noisy indiepop, a bit of J-pop and the utterly beautiful track by Azure Ray I closed the show with. It was really lovely to get texts in from people listening at home too, thank you all!

Keep listening to the show every Monday, Alex and Toby will continue to do a fantastic job, and they may well be joined by various Nottingham based guests as the weeks go by. In the meantime, I need to find myself a community based radio station somewhere round Oxford/Wiltshire to fulfil my radio desires… I could be tempted to do an entirely country based show, though no doubt there’d be bits of P!OP! and noise in there somewhere too…

Playlist was:

27th October with Alex, Toby & Tom
Tom A Is Leaving But Dry Your Eyes, Here Are His Selections Special Edition
featured album: Squarepusher – Just A Souvenir
Kid Atom feat. Lisa Bear – I ♥ Dogs
Times New Viking – Western Civ
Sonic Youth – Tom Violence
Pinch – One Blood, One Source (Instrumental)
DJ Scotch Egg – Tetris Wonderland
The Fall – Green Eyed Loco Man
The Mai 68s – Totality For Kids
Joker – Stuck In The System
Shit and Shine – Recommencons
The Pipettes – I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)
Clipse – Dirty Money
Nifty – Traful
My Little Airport – Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out of Windows in Expensive Clothes?
Orchid – New Jersey vs Valhalla
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – So Everyone
The Carrots – Kissing & Telling
Josef K – Heart of Song
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Meet Me By The Water
Squarepusher – The Coathangar
Crystal Stilts – Spiral Transit
Jaco Pastorius – Punk Jazz

Tom A’s Credit Crunch Country Corner
Ballboy featuring Laura Cantrell – I Lost You But I Found Country Music
Marcel – I Love This Song
Lance Miller – Old Back in the New School

PORTAL – Glumurphonel (courtesy of Dominic Fox at Poetix)
Squarepusher – A Real Woman
Squarepusher – The Glass Road

Tom A Is Leaving And He Is Emphatically In The Mix
Josh Turner featuring Ralph Stanley – Me and God
Hyper Kinako – 2 Tadgers
Papas Fritas – Questions
Shitmat – Loveheart Trilogy
The Magnetic Fields – Zombie Boy
Azure Ray – Displaced


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