Posted by: TomA | 21 October 2008

URN Playlist – 20th October 2008

Last night’s radio show was rather chaotic, even by our standards. Alex wasn’t in attendence, so there was just myself and Toby on presenting duty (joined in the studio by HighSoc’s Alex Hale, to whom we were showing the ropes). As ever, nothing went quite to plan. The studio production PC was playing up, meaning we were unable to play any audio off it (something we do quite frequently – playing a listener’s request having found the track on for example). That technical death put paid to a number of tracks I wanted to play (Fists, Johan Agebjörn, The Creeping Nobodies and more) and made it bloody difficult to meet any requests (Lords went unanswered sadly – sorry!) but we did manage to play something from the Ninja Tunes label and had a good rummage through the dusty URN vaults to dig out some glorious Marillion.

The show ended up being full of features, which is nice on the one hand, but means there’s less time for us to play all the music we really wanted to – especially odd now we have a full two hour show to fill. Gig previews were less informative than usual, due to the impossibility of playing tracks by all the bands playing over the next week that we wanted to, though we came up trumps with a great interview with Lovvers (who discuss, amongst other things, the decision to classify their EP as an album in order to get column inches and personal hygeine on tour). The interview will be available on the URN Transmission page shortly… And with no Alex there was no Jazz Corner, necessitating the three of us to each come up with a four minute corner (a triangle?) each. Toby, predictably, played something dark, Alex Hale plumped for Guillemots, while I (perhaps even more predictably) found some wonderfully cheesy commercial country.

Next week all 3 of us should be back in the studio for what will be my LAST EVER show on URN. I am, indeed, no longer going to be a student from the end of next week, by which time I’ll have [finally, indeed hopefully] given in my MSc dissertation and be off to pastures new to enter the real world of work…. Fingers crossed I’ll be let loose to play plenty of indiepop and plenty more country tunes!

The tracklist from last night’s show was as follows:

featured album: Deerhoof – Offend Maggie

Food For Animals – Tween Fantasy Reprise
Shit and Shine – Seeing Life Through A Young Man’s Eyes
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Something New
Xiu Xiu – Yoyo Bye (Why? cover)
Herman Düne – Try To Think About You
Oxes – Kaz Hayashi ’01
The Manhatten Love Suicides – Clusterfuck
Flipper – Living for the Depression
…and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Mistakes & Regrets
Lovvers interview (part 1)
Lovvers – Human Hair
Human Hair – Happy Birthday
Sally Shapiro – Anorak Christmas
Deerhoof – Snoopy Waves
Dan Deacon – Crystal Cat
Nuclear Assault – Die Hard (Venom cover)
Dressy Bessy – Shoot, I Love You
Daedelus – Bahia
Marillion – Market Square Heroes
Deerhoof – Fresh Born
Deerhoof – Family of Others
Dislocation Dance – Rosemary
Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Backward
Lovvers interview (part 2)
ZoOoOoM – High Market
Tom’s Awfully Over Produced Country Corner:Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried
Alex Hale’s Fruit Corner: Guillemots – Over The Mountains
Toby’s Darkened Corner: Leviathan – What Fresh Hell
Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas


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