Posted by: TomA | 14 October 2008

Mongolia Rally: Car Auction Update

A quick update on the auction for our Land Rover Defender in Ulaanbaatar. It was scheduled for late September, but as Archie has mentioned on the Charity Rallies website:

“It has been postponed because of problems with the new Mongolian government and our waiver for the vehicle tax, which was issued by the old government.  The other rally have a similar problem.  Will has been out there sorting things out and we will let you know as soon as it has taken place.

“The vehicle auction will not take place until we have sorted out the tax waiver issues.  The worst case scenario is that we will have to pay the import tax on the vehicles which would lead to a bill of over $50,000.  This would be covered by the vehicle sales, but does of course lead to greatly reduced funds going to the CDPF.  The other rally have exactly the same problem, but their bill could potentially be $300,000!  The political situation in Mongolia has been very delicate this year and the government has changed since the rally set off.

“As a result of this we have engaged a Mongolian representative who i am told is very good.  She will liaise with the Parliament and sort out this year’s problems, obtain a waiver for next year, work on retrieving the cars left at the border and in the countryside and oversee the vehicle auction.  We are confident that this will be sorted out very soon.”

We’re still hopeful that the car will raise over $20,000 for the CDPF. We’ve also got a certificate back from Water Aid to thank us for raising £1060 for them – so thank you for everyone that donated! In addition to that, we raised another £55 for Save The Children in Mongolia.


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