Posted by: TomA | 7 October 2008

URN Playlist – 6th October 2008 (The Dangers of Starch)

Last night’s radio show was one of the best (or at least, one of the most fun for us) for a long time.I got mocked mercillesly by Toby & Alex for bigging up The Deirdres in the build up to their last gig tonight (not helped by an “anonymous” individual – not myself! – texting in proclaiming them to be better than the entire genre of jazz which got Alex off on a rant), Alex and I just couldn’t agree with Toby about what parts of the featured album of the week (volcano!) we liked and didn’t like, while Toby and I ganged up on Alex in fits of giggles as he launched into his smooth jazz voice for the new (and, er… possibly regular) Alex’s Jazz Corner Feature. Nothing like a good arguement in the studio.

Nevermind we cocked up the competition by turning it from very easy (identify the individual in the picture on the website as Nick Cave) and asked instead what his first band was (…not Grinderman, not Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and no, not The Birthday Party either…). Still, fingers crossed Callum and Jennie texted back in to claim their pair of tickets each for the Bodega Ball on Sunday.

It was also lovely to get loads of texts in from individuals we don’t all personally know, particularly constructive, interesting comments on the music we were playing, which after all I feel is half the point of what we do. So if you texted in saying you liked the Bank Holiday’s track I played, then thank you 🙂

Remember we’ll be back next week (Monday 13th October at 9pm) with more of the same. Track list for the show is as follows.

featured album: volcano! – Paperwork (Leaf, 2008)

Mastodon – Mother Puncher
Cats In Paris – Loose Tooth Tactile
dälek – Swollen Tongue Burns
Townes Van Zandt – No Deal
Matmos – Cloudhopper
Brutal Knights – U.B.B.C.
volcano! – Slow Jam
Polysics – Kaja Kaja Guu
Marnie Stern – Ruler
Cybotron – Cosmic Raindance
The Deirdres – Claire, are we safe to be on our own?
Nels Cline – Yokada Yokada The Rumproller
Pavement – Blue Hawaiian
Necrophagist – Culinary Hyperversity
Big Business – Hands Up
The Bank Holidays – Tread Easy
volcano! – Africa Wants To Have Fun
volcano! – Sweet Tooth
Fuck Buttons – Mogwai Fear Satan
Alex’s Jazz Corner: John Coltrane – Summertime (from My Favourite Things, 1961, Atlantic)
Vex’d – Crusher Dub



  1. It´s so annoying that the time difference is against me here! I got to hear the first three songs before they started to shut up the internet cafe, grr. But of what I heard, I liked. It was mainly just nice to hear some familiar accents!

    Toby informs me there may be a podcast on the way so I will keep my eyes open…x

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