Posted by: TomA | 24 September 2008

Radio Show tonight!

With my dissertation originally due in last week, I didn’t expect to be a student in Nottingham for long enough to get back on the radio at URN after the last show of the 07-08 academic year in June. Yet here I am, gearing up for the first show of the new school year tonight. Toby and Alex will be joining me as ever, and we’ll be playing plenty of stuff to scare the white middle-class indie boys among you (apparently our core demographic….).

In actual fact, we’ll continue to pander to them and everyone else that listens to the show. The new look URN appears rather exciting in all honesty, the new management have some great ideas to promote and publicise the evening and specialist shows (branded under URN After Dark) and get a more fluid programme structure. Which is dead exciting, as it’ll mean we’ll have plenty of listeners we don’t actually know!

For the first show we’ll try and play it safe a little, not too much to scare you away (for the first hour at least). So if you’ve any requests, text in through the URN website and we’ll do our best to play them.

Transmission on URN1350 from 9pm GMT tonight (Wednesday 24th September). Listen live here [high quality mp3 stream], here [low quality mp3 for slow connections] or here [through your web browser].


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