Posted by: TomA | 4 September 2008

Academic Soul Selling

As part of my dissertation, I’m undertaking an online survey, to which I’ll shortly be posting a link so you can take it. Finding a reliable and clean place to design and host the survey has been difficult – most are either crawling with adverts (potentially worse) or require big bucks to get more than 10 or 20 respondents to the survey. One firm however allows students a free 6 month licence to use their survey tools, provided a link goes up to them. Quite a clever marketing strategy really – student surveys will tend to be simple, with small sample sizes so put little strain on their bandwidth, yet are likely to have blogs, academic pages etc, which in order to get the free access, they require a link. And of course, links to websites are how you move up Google’s rankings, making their bit of spam (below) rather valuable to them if it attracts corporate customers.

So, here’s the guff. I apologise.

QuestionPro Online Survey Software and ContactPro Email Marketing employs an easy to use Wizard interface to author and deploy Web Based and Email Surveys, Newsletters and Campaigns. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required. A comprehensive suite of analysis tools, ranging from Simple Frequency to TURF to Conjoint, are also provided for data analysis. In addition, QuestionPro Web Survey Software provides seamless integration with SPSS and Microsoft Office products.

MicroPoll Free Web Polls provides seamless ondemand Web Polls for your blog/website. Web Poll Script as well as Web Poll HTML code is provided. Setting up Web Polls is as easy as copy and paste.

QuestionPro Online Surveys also licenses its software free to Students and Researchers in the academic community. The projects have to be strictly academic in nature and should not be part of any other funded research or consulting.

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  1. Disclaimer: I am the co-founder @ Survey Analytics – We own QuestionPro.

    a) Thanks for the link.
    b) Thanks for thinking that we are smart ūüėČ
    c) Hope your project kicks ass.

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