Posted by: TomA | 29 August 2008

Mongolia Rally: Some video footage

To give you an idea of life on the trip, here are a few videos pinched from Team F7F7.

This is F7 trying to get to London, it’ll give you a good idea of their group dynamic. Which continued as long as we were with them, from Turkey all the way to the Russian/Mongolia border. Bless their little cotton socks…

This is the lovely Kazakh man using an angle grinder to cut some metal to fix the roofrack. Note the foot on the piping to hold it still. Moments after the video ended, a large lump of metal flew off directly towards me… at speed.

The Georgia-Azerbaijan border crossing:

The Defender playing in the desert:

Helping F7 change a wheel in the Kazakh steppe:

Wonderfully smooth Kazakh roads:

…and some Kazakh dust:

Waiting at 6am to get through the Russian border and on to Mongolia:


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