Posted by: TomA | 22 July 2008

Still in Baku

It is Tuesday morning, we’re still in Baku. Still waiting for the process for the visas to kick off, which has taken longer than hoped (the time difference between the Turkmen embassies in London and in Ashgabat mean there’s little if any overlap, so things that could be sorted in an hour take a day or longer….).

The guys waiting for the Kazakh ferry are still waiting, they’ve been here over a week now. More Kazakh ferries are rolling up to the port, so it might be due soon. As for ours – they go more or less daily it seems, but without the visa or lots of official looking stamps, we’re stranded.

And properly stranded – our 3 day transit visa has expired, so the car is locked away in the port. I have my camera and toothbrush with me (as our tourist visas have a while yet to run) so can happily wander the streets aimlessly. It is bloody hot though, 35C during the day. The guys at the port took pity on us yesterday, inviting us into their shady hut for a game of dominos and some time in front of the fan. I lost the dominoes game. Badly…



  1. What a long way to go to practice dominos

    Have fun – I’m sure you’ll soon be underway again

  2. Hi Guys

    Just to let you know the team Outermancunians have just hit Turkmenistan and are interested in catching up with you and the F7F7 guys. They previously drove in convoy with F7F7 upto Turkey when they met up with you and the Outermancunians headed off to Iran.

    If you want to catch up with them then you can call/text Stephen on 0037259715923.

    Fingers crossed you have sorted your visas and been able to get a ferry. Good luck for the rest of the trip.

  3. Tom sent a text yesterday to say that he was 400km from the Mongolia border, still in Russia. I guess there are not many internet cafes in the steppes!

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