Posted by: TomA | 10 July 2008

Update – In Bosnia

A quick update on the trip so far. We are currently in Bosnia and still alive. In fact, we have had no problems at all. The transmission on the Land Rover makes a funny rattling noise between having the throttle on and getting engine braking going down hills, but seems fine. Might get it looked at in Instanbul just in case.

We have been through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and arrived in Bosnia yesterday. The weather has gotten much nicer the past 2 days – plenty of thunder storms in Austria and Slovenia, the temperature soared into the low 30s driving south through Croatia. Plan is still to get to Turkey, via Albania, Macedonia and Greece by Saturday night.

Bosnian driving is…. interesting. Overtaking at speed on blind bends seems to be the norm.

No border problems so far – though the Croats gave us a bit of a talking to on leaving the country, probablz more through boredom at the tiny rural crossing we went through. The Bosnians barely bothered looking at our passports.

Most of the time we have been camping (illegally) at service stations, though we found 2 gorgeous camp sites, one by a lake in Bled (Slovenia) and last night on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, just south of Split.

Plan is to get another blog update when we are in Turkey.

NB – typing this takes for ages, these crazy keyboards have swapped round lots of the letters (y is in a very odd place), with lots of silly letters interspersed.



  1. Land Rovers always make funny transmission noises – there’s a lot of metal in there clunking around.

    Split and the seaside sounds good – like a holiday in fact

    Have fun

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