Posted by: TomA | 1 July 2008

Northumbrian Water TV Event at Durham Choristers School


On Monday morning, the four of us rolled up to Durham Choristers School, within the grounds of the Cathedral, for an official handover of the vehicle from Northumbrian Water.

First, a bit of back story:

When Mike was an angelic ten year old and attending the Choristers School, he sang solo in an underground reservoir at a concert organised by Northumbrian Water. Thirteen years later and Mike asked Northumbrian Water for a favour – which evolved from the prospect of a bit of sponsorship for the trip to the offer of a Land Rover Defender which was coming to the end of its working life with the water company.


So, Monday morning we were greeted upon arrival by a full choir, all prepared for an appearance on ITV Tyne Tees News. Mike sang a solo, in a, er, great song about water. Well, what with Northumbrian Water being involved and the fact we’re raising money for Water Aid, it couldn’t have been about anything else…!


I’ll get a clip of our TV appearance up ASAP (we had a nice 4 minute feature, with a good interview with Mike, some archive footage of him singing as a ten year old). In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with the following photo of the Tyne Tees cameraman and presenter….



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