Posted by: TomA | 27 June 2008

Visa Update: 27 June

Last night I collected our Russian visas from Mike’s sister Jen, who’d very kindly gone down earlier in the day to the embassy to collect them for us. So, bright and early this morning, I trotted off to the Uzbek embassy to apply for what will be the penultimate visa we require for the trip (leaving just Turkmen;stan). I arrived early. About an hour and a half earlier than everyone else. Which gave me a nice chance to have a wander around Holland Park, watch very wealthy people get into their Aston Martins to go to the shops to buy M&S Tomato Soup (honest, that’s what they do at 8am!) and look at the other embassies in the area (Algeria wasn’t quite as flash as Uzbekistan, though still in a nice building; Greece’s however looked like a 1960s council flat, rather out of keeping with the general Kensington area).

Everyone else arrived in a flurry around 9am, so when the consulate opened at 10 I was at the front of a queue of around 20 people. Which meant I was all done by 2 minutes past. Excellent.

The gentleman in the consulate was actually really helpful (though had lots of questions about Ollie in particular for some reason…) especially when he found out we were taking a fairly new Land Rover to Mongolia to donate to charity. He pointed out the box of one hundred or so other visa applications of individuals taking part in the Mongol Rally, smiled, issued my raffle ticket and informed me the visas will be ready for collection on Monday. Excellent!


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