Posted by: TomA | 19 June 2008

Russian Visas

Our Russian visa applications are under way, after Mike and Ollie turned up at the embassy bright and early this morning – bright and early being stood at the door at 3am! The danger of getting there at half 8 when it opens is that it only takes a few individuals from visa agencies to be in front of you, with a bag full of passports, before they’ve taken their quota for the day. Ollie needed same day processing (he’s off on holiday at the weekend), but the rest of us have plumped for the cheaper 7 day process, so they should be ready next Thursday.

Hopefully by then our Uzbek LOIs will have come through, so we can collect our passports from the Russian consulate Thursday afternoon and head straight to the Uzbek embassy bright and early on Friday, which would give us a week before we leave. However, LOIs may not be ready until Tuesday, thus we wouldn’t get to the Uzbek consulate until Wednesday…. and we leave on the Saturday. Could be a bit tight.


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