Posted by: TomA | 18 June 2008

Mongolia Update: 18th June

It has been a few days since I last blogged about preparations for the Mongolia Rally, so here’s the latest:

  • The Land Rover is with Durham 4 Wheel Drive, who are giving it the once over, replacing parts as required, fitting new suspension and loads of guards for the underside of the vehicle, amongst other things. They’ve very generously given us labour for free!
  • Mike is back up to Durham on Tuesday to give a TV interview about the preparation for the rally, at Durham 4 Wheel Drive, with the vehicle in the background. It should be airing on the ITV North East news.
  • The work on the Land Rover will also make up the bulk of the first of 2 (possibly 3) pieces in Land Rover Owners International Magazine.
  • 30th June we’ll all be in Durham for a official hand over and press event with Northumbria Water in the morning; in the afternoon we’ve a press shoot with Land Rover Owners International Magazine and some time to learn how to drive off-road properly.
  • Visas are progressing. Mike and Ollie are in London tonight in order to get to the Russian embassy bright and early tomorrow morning. We’ve decided not to stump up the extra £50 for same day processing, hoping the visa will be ready in 3-4 days time.
  • Which will be fine, as our application for Letters of Invitation to Uzbekistan may take another 7 days (possibly more). The Uzbek visa is the last one we need before leaving and I’m hoping we’ll have 5 days in order to get it done. Still rather tight mind you.
  • Sponsorship money has started coming in – I’ll update you when we know how much we’ve got from other sources (the majority has been outside the realms of the Justgiving sites, so that is currently slightly misleading).
  • I’m getting really excited. We leave in 16 days.

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