Posted by: TomA | 12 June 2008

We have the Land Rover (and its lovely!)

Mike went up to Durham on Tuesday to collect our Land Rover. We were slightly uncertain as to just what we were getting, but it turns out to be a beautiful 2001 Land Rover Defender 110. Its a hardtop too, which means it should be dead simple to get some windows in the rear and some seats to make it nice and comfy for the four of us.

defender front

Being a new Y and not an old Y (which would have made it 30 years old, as we had anticipated) means that Northumbria Water have been incredibly generous in donating it to us, to take to Mongolia and give to the Children’s Development & Protection Fund. Their generosity extended to footing the VAT bill to give it to us as well, which can’t have been cheap on a vehicle worth perhaps £10,000.

defender 3

There really is no backing out now we’ve got the vehicle, we HAVE to go and we HAVE to ensure we make it all the to Ulaanbaatar. Mike and I have been particularly excited by the fact there are, not one, but two flashing yellow lights on top. Yay!



  1. Nice vehicle! Good luck for your trip.



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