Posted by: TomA | 2 June 2008

URN Playlist – 2nd June 2008

Another week, another radio show. Alex arrived fashionably late (and hungover), allowing me to indulge in some really miserable indie-pop for the first half of the show. Personal highlights included the filthy lyrics of Slow Down Tallahassee and The Hot Toddies (both of whom have been played on the show before, but never exposing such vulgarity), rummaging myspace for Alex’s brother’s band (Earth Defence Force, whom I rather enjoyed) and the sheer beauty of the Laurie Anderson track (perfect vocoder based minimalist pop, which made #2 in the charts on its release in 1981 – Wikipedia it for more details…).

Toby and Alex will no doubt return next week, so expect less country and less indie-pop and more… NOISE. Tune in from 9pm on the 9th June for it.

Pavement – …And Carrot Rope
The Darling Buds – Long Day In The Universe
The Smittens – Doomed, Lo-Fi and in Love
Lambchop – Soaking In The Pooper
Why? – Song Of The Sad Assasin
The Lemonheads – Style
Mirah & The Black Cat Orchestra – What Keeps Mankind Alive?
Seabear – Libraries
Lost Summer Kitten – Lovesong No. 1
Slow Down Tallahassee – Kiss Me Again
The Hot Toddies – Wet Dream
Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture
DJ Scotch Egg – Tetris Wonderland
Mothlite – The One In The Water
Lydia Lunch – Lady Scarface
Laurie Anderson – O Superman (For Massenet)
Mi and L’au – They Marry
Kavinsky – Testarossa Avenue
Sparky’s Magic Piano – Like Falling In L*ve
Tortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Pancho
The Snow Fairies – Sentimental Love
Earth Defence Force – Fall
U Totem – Dance Of The Awkward
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess



  1. I can remember listening to Laurie Anderson ‘O superman’ and seeing her on perform it on ‘top of the pops’. How embarrassing that your mother heard it first!

  2. Good song though 🙂 Maybe we should start a Mother’s Recommendations from TOTP in the 70s/80s feature on the show….

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