Posted by: TomA | 1 June 2008

Route Update

So, due to the various visa issues we’ve come up against and the (expensive and time consuming) process of getting a carnet to enter Iran, our route plans have substantially changed.

latest route map june1

The route to Turkey is much as before. However, after we’ll head north into Georgia (rather than south east to Iran) and onto Azerbaijan. Two options here: the ferry to Kazakhstan (every 7-10 days) or the daily ferry to Turkmenistan (visas permitting). Either way, we’ll aim to be in Kazakhstan shortly after, whereby we’ll traverse a country the size of Western Europe in around a week. We could head directly north and keep near the Russian border, however I quite fancy looping around and keeping south. The culture is more Asian than Russian and the scenery is supposedly sublime. A quick hop north (1000km) and over into Russia for a few days, then onto Mongolia.

For an interactive map (you can zoom in, see in far more detail where we’re planning on going) view the original Google Maps version here.


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