Posted by: TomA | 29 May 2008

Northumbria Water have donated us a Land Rover!

With 36 days until we leave, we heard today we should have a vehicle in our possession by this time next week, thanks to the generous people at Northumbria Water! Looks to be a Y reg (the time before last) Land Rover Series III 110, a single cab pick-up. Which for off-roading and stuff carrying capability, can’t be beaten. The one concern is that it only seats 3 …..and there are 4 of us. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to bolt in a bench seat in the back and get some windows in the pick-up hardtop; otherwise someone will be in the dark for the next 10,000 miles and we’ll get some strange questions at the border as to why one of us locked up in a cage in the back….!

Getting a vehicle sorted has been a major obstacle. We’ve wanted to ensure we take a really useful and valuable car to Mongolia, to be of greatest benefit to the Children’s Development & Protection Fund, to whom the Land Rover gets donated. So we’re extremely grateful to receive a vehicle that not only enables us to do some real off-roading in Mongolia but also that will make an important difference to the charity.

To show our appreciation to Northumbria Water, we’re raising money for the Water Aid charity too!

Full details and pictures of the actual vehicle (below is a newer version, just to give you an idea) will be online as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated on what needs doing when we collect it from Durham next week. Mechanically we’ve been informed its very sound, recently MOT’d and in good shape, so fingers crossed we’ll just be making it a bit more comfortable for the four of us!


We’ll be doing some publicity with the vehicle in the south west of the country over the next couple of weeks, before the official handover from Northumbria Water and a day at an off-roading centre at the end of June. In the mean time, we’re looking for anyone that would like to sponsor us. There’s plenty of space on the car to display your company’s logo, to prominently feature in forthcoming issues of Land Rover Owner International Magazine, local press and radio in the Bristol/Durham/Nottingham/Norfolk areas and much more to be confirmed too!


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