Posted by: TomA | 26 May 2008

URN Playlist – 26th May 2008

Another bank holiday Monday and another cracking show. Toby was off in Bristol, Alex was busy; so Tamsin came on down to help me discuss our recent baking successes (including some wonderful cupcakes, scones and an awesome apple pie – all today) and the fox family that now inhabit the garden. Fascinating stuff.

I didn’t manage to play more than one track off the recent Soul Jazz compilation “An England Story: From Dancehall to Grime: 25 Years of the MC in the UK” but I promise to delve much further into it on a future show. I have also been introduced to the wonderful world of R Kelly’s In The Closet, which could well swallow up the next couple of days of my life…

I’ll be back with one of Toby or Alex next week, from 9pm. Tracks played tonight were:

Alexander Tucker – Poltergeists Grazing
The Wave Pictures – Avocado Baby
Kuryakin – Take My Hand
Panda Riot – Plateau
Strawberry Fair – Why Won’t He Answer
Frank Zappa – I’m The Slime
Kitchens Of Distinction – Mainly Morning
Flight Of The Conchords – Hiphoppotamus vs Rhymenocerous
The Raincoats – Fairytale In The Supermarket
Green Peppers – Blink Of An Eye
Fleet Foxes – Red Squirrel/Sun Rises
The Pastels – Baby, You’re Just You
Scarlett Johansson – Falling Down
She & Him – I Was Made For You
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – You Want That Picture
Azure Ray – Rise
Lambchop – The Man Who Loved Beer
Astropop 3 – Same Old Story
Buck 65 – Protest
Blak Twang – Red Letters
The Cat’s Miaow – You Left A Note On The Table
No Kids – Four Freshman Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down
R Kelly – In The Closet (Parts 3 & 4)



  1. Man, I have watched the first 12 …closet episodes about 5 times now but still haven’t seen the ones since. Amazing though, I could really go for a lost weekend where I do nothing but watch it over and over.

    Ok, so does this mean you’ve heard the new Bonnie Prince Billy album? Thoughts?

  2. I’ve so far resisted (god knows how) sitting down and watching them, but if I manage to get my coursework in on time, I’ll treat myself by watching it all in one go ūüėÄ

    As my love for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy goes beyond what might be considered healthy, I think its a cracking album. Only listened to to it twice so far this month though…
    The man can’t do any wrong in my eyes, even be it appearing naked and cold in the Oregon woods on the hunt for some hot springs. Got hold of his Strange Form Of Life EP too, which somehow had slipped under my radar; that’s rather tasty too.

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