Posted by: TomA | 20 May 2008

Kazakhstan Visa

So after a slightly tense week of wondering whether or not I should have sent the one or the two page visa form to the embassy (the website was down, they don’t answer the phone), I got my visa back today. Turns out the one page may well be old, but they still accept it, even if the shelves in the embassy itself are full of copies of the shiny new two pager. Whatever, I have the visa.

So, next port of call is either Russia or Azerbaijan, both of which require letters of invitation. Here hopes both are as simple as Mongolia and Kazakhstan were…

PS: We’re still awaiting a group visa application to Turkmen;stan. They recently (as in, this week) introduced a requirement to have a letter of invitation for a transit visa. Hence, people who’d normally issue LOI for a tourist visa were unable to issue for transit visas. I’m hoping some of the issues are being overcome and the group application is progressing; whether or not we eventually decide on going through the country (and I’m still uncertain), having the choice would be fantastic.


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