Posted by: TomA | 15 May 2008

Latest on our preparations for the Mongolia Rally

We leave in 50 days. This is a worryingly low number given the amount of stuff left to do. So just a quick update on progress so far…

– My visa application for Kazakhstan has been sent off. Their website is still down and I’ve found a notice (though how old I do not know) on another website saying they’ve quite a backlog. They still don’t answer their phone. So, hopefully, I’ll get it back in the next week or two. Currently hunting out Letters of Invitation for both Russia and Azerbaijan. When those are back, visa applications and then hopefully, that should be the lot.

– I’m hoping tomorrow we’ll hear back about our vehicle. There’s a 30 year old (Y reg) Land Rover Defender hopefully with our name on; the company considering kindly donating it to our charity in Mongolia have said they’ll decide and let us know. If this comes through, it’ll be a big step. Fingers crossed.

– We’re having less luck in raising sponsorship elsewhere. Companies, more often than not, appear to have allocated their marketing budget already; else be unwilling to commit to putting anything financial forward in the current economic climate. We still really need to raise some money and the pressure is most definitely on. Please get in touch with us via the blog if you’ve any ideas/money/donations!


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