Posted by: TomA | 12 May 2008

URN Playlist – 12th May 2008

Alex and I were back for another week, as Toby decided he’d prefer to see Jens Lekman play Rescue Rooms that evening than come into the studio. We’d both seen Jens play earlier in the afternoon at Lee Rosy’s Tea Rooms, a short set that was fantastically mesmerising. He may be badly receding but the man has a gorgeous voice and can’t half tell a story (even if said stories told are much the same as the last tour, and the one before that….). Nothing beats a cup of tea and a fun secret gig to overcome examination stress. That said, nor does an afternoon in the pub drinking Budvar Dark…

Congratulations to Paul, who correctly texted in to identify the promo blurb for being Feeder’s new single. Don’t worry, we didn’t play it, just lovingly mocked the lengthy spiel. Toby and Alex will be back next week. If you’re curious, we played:

Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
Hills Like White Elephants – Pennantless on Homecoming
Man Or Astroman – Organ Smash
Sunny Intervals – Let The City Run Away With Us
Alamaailman Vasarat – Astiatehdas
The Wedding Present – The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend
Hurrah! – If Love Could Kill
Monks – Hushie Pushie
Psikotic – The Economist
Mike Ladd – I Feel Like $100
Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee – That’s Why She Left Me (That’s Why She Came Back)
Subtle – Unlikely Rock Shock
Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
Elephant Parade – For You
The Rosie Taylor Project – A Few Words Of Farewell
Gravediggaz – 2 Cups Of Blood
She & Him – I Should Have Known Better
Inch feat Mark E. Smith – Inch
Friendly Confines – Growing
Uni And Her Ukelele – Haven’t Been The Same
The Local Heroes – The Years To Come
J Dilla – E = MC2

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