Posted by: TomA | 6 May 2008

Norwich City FC: Back to the bare bones…

So, the end of the season and Norwich have escaped relegation, which looked rather ominous in November with just 8 points from 13 matches. Glenn Roeder, while listed as one of the ten worst football managers in the Observer’s sports supplement at the weekend, has actually done a decent job – for a couple of games in February far from being several points adrift at the bottom of the table, Norwich flirted with the playoffs.

So it was nice at the weekend to finally get to a match, it’d been a long time since I’d had the money and time to see Norwich play. It was also Dion Dublin’s last match, for which he deservedly got a standing ovation from the 36,000 fans at Hillsborough. The game itself was disappointing. Norwich dominated the opening period, went 1-0 ahead, then – as has happened so often this season – proceeded to roll over and die, eventually losing 4-1. But Dublin won just about every ball sent his way, had some delightful touches and played in Huckerby for Norwich’s goal. So its with some concern I read earlier than Huckerby has been let go by Roeder. For a while now, he’s been Norwich’s only flash of inspiration, however sporadic those moments were. Admittedly, he drifted in and out of the game on Sunday, but without him or Dion, Norwich need to do some serious shopping over the summer to have any hope of scoring goals, with Jamie Cureton the only seasoned professional striker on the books (and the possibility of getting someone like Ched Evans back on loan surely out of the question).

Norwich don’t have the money to go out and buy a new squad. Yet it’s not unthinkable, that if Doherty and Fotheringham are also released (and here hopes they’re not), we could see a squad of 16 or so. And in another tight and scrappy Championship season, a bare-bones squad is not going to get you promoted; it might not even be enough to cling to survival. Here hopes Roeder has a decent amount of money* available and the aptitude to spend it wisely. Otherwise NCFC may well be in trouble…

*i.e. fingers crossed Delia’s new cookbook is flying off the shelves


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