Posted by: TomA | 30 April 2008

Bono. Why, just why?

imageThere are very few people in the world that genuinely irritate me. But Bono isn’t like most people, he is extra ordinarily annoying. Him and that Geldof fellow, and their irksome children (I am aware that Geldof and Bono have yet to produce offspring together and am truly thankful that this hasn’t happened) just seem to get everywhere. Without really doing anything. Especially not anything useful.

What prompted this outburst of built up Bono resentment? A couple of pictures on the Tesla Motors blog of him with the Roadster in Monte Carlo.

Positive side? Well, ignoring Bono, it looks promising that Tesla are now looking to sell the Roadster in Europe. Which all seems to make sense: Europeans are (generally) more environmentally aware, the weak $ makes it a good move for them and as they’re building the Roadster in Norfolk, shipping and selling around the EU makes much more (environmental) sense too.

I’m still intrigued by the promise of an imageannouncement over the Whitestar project – the 4 door saloon/sedan – especially given the recent lawsuit against Fisker (who, having won the design commission, allegedly walked off with more information than Tesla would have liked and built a competing vehicle – optimistically quoted as being ready for production at the end of 2009… we’ll see).

Read the original blog post at the Tesla Motors blog.



  1. I think any time someone has the type of fame and influence as Bono does, he or she becomes a magnet for criticism and even hatred.

  2. Bono has a negative attitude.It may make him unpopular.Everything has two side one good other try to explore the positive side and make useful to other and himself

  3. I share your feeling for Bono. Lots of famous people like to take advantage of their fame to profess their personal point of view but somehow Bono makes Angelina Jolie look like a saint to me. Maybe it’s the sunglasses and the persistent smugness, as if his endorsement of a cause has some special quality.

  4. yes, asad, and by becoming famous in the first place aren’t they asking for just a little bit of criticism? When you get to the point of global notoriety, like Bono has, that is where they can (hopefully) ignore the people that rally against them do their own thing.

    That being said, I really dislike Bono. He is so full of BS, IMO. He and Madonna should be cast off together on an Island of Outdated Smug Powerplayers.

  5. So, Bono pisses you off why? Oh, and what are you doing to raise awareness of the issues he is? Right. Thought so.

  6. Ah, I love it when people make the effort to comment, yet totally fail to construct what they say in any form of recognisable language. Beautiful.

    Bono, like a number of other high profile celebrities, appears to want to associate himself to all manner of “good causes”. Fair enough – while doing so he’ll garner some press and raise awareness of whatever it is. Yet its the way he goes about it – indeed, his smugness – that gets me.

    Musically, he’s got a bloody lot to answer for too. And when your achievement is to record lots of highly popular (and utterly dire) albums, making shed loads of cash in the process, shouldn’t we really be taking his (generally uninformed and simplistic) opinions with just a pinch of salt?

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