Posted by: TomA | 29 April 2008

The Wave Pictures

DSC06803“Every band needs a paedophile rumour”.

Well, quite. But apparently that’s not why Dave is a monster [from his mouth, not mine].

The Wave Pictures last night proved more of a draw than the radio show for me. Having seen them last summer play The End Of The Road festival, accompanied by Darren Hayman, members of Herman Dune and quite possibly others, it seemed the proper way to spend a Monday evening.DSC06804

However hard I try, I can’t get past comparing them, lyrically especially, to Hefner. With perhaps less sleaze. An couple of mp3s are below if you’re interested….

The Wave Pictures – Now You Are Pregnant [mp3]

The Wave Pictures – Eskimo Kiss [mp3]

Homepage / Myspace

[The Wave Pictures] are instrumentally limited and have little rhythmic or melodic ambition” The Guardian, Feb 2008



  1. That quote from the Guardian Online is absolute crap. The Wave Pictures might well be the most instrumentally gifted band around, as anyone who bothers to catch them live will hear for themselves.

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