Posted by: TomA | 28 April 2008

Leading By Example: Sharing The Burden?

As promised earlier in the week, I’ve uploaded an early version of my paper, following the pilot experiment run the other week.

While there were a huge number of logistical constraints involved in running the experiment, causing endless headaches in the planning of this, the results (thankfully!) proved interesting – certainly it appears to be an avenue worth exploring further. So at the moment, I’m considering whether to pursue this for my dissertation; or to stick with my original ideas (which may also involve an experiment) concerning intra-personal conflict: how people balance short term desires against longer term concerns (hopefully a blog post on this coming soon, as and when I find time to gather my thoughts on the matter).

Note that the paper is only in a very preliminary form. Even so, any comments or questions would be gratefully received!

Leading By Example in a Public Goods Experiment: Sharing The Burden? [pdf]



  1. […] designed an experiment investigating the effect of leadership (see my earlier blog post about this here). The same problems of subject pool and budget apply here too if I wanted to actually run this […]

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