Posted by: TomA | 23 April 2008

Visa Applications

Its less than twelve weeks until we leave London for Mongolia and I’ve finally gotten around to getting my visa applications off. Not the easiest thing to do, as we’re still waiting on the Turkmen;stan visa situation to determine our route to some degree. The easiest way seems to be working backwards, from Mongolia first, then knocking off Russia once I get my passport and Mongolian visa back. These shouldn’t present too much of a problem, allowing you to enter any date after the first date on the visa (so long as you’re out before it expires), but several other countries are less flexible. Which makes planning at this stage horribly difficult.

Additionally, these forms are hideously complicated to fill out. Or rather, its not their complexity that presents problems, but the ambigious nature of the questions. Consulate websites aren’t much assistance. More often than not, nor are the individuals on the other end of the phone. Which adds a certain extra level of worry… the last thing I want to do is pay up my £40-£80, wait a week and then get the form and my passport back without a visa because I’ve ticked the wrong box/used black rather than blue pen/misunderstood the “Authority” box…. Hm. We’ll see. Updates as and when I get them.

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