Posted by: TomA | 21 April 2008

URN Playlist – 21st April 2008

Toby and myself can only apologise for the shocking state of URN commentary during the varsity rugby match before the show. Its bad that its bad; besides the fact that tonight it ate up over half an hour of our show. Are we really in the day and age when commentators need to make the point the referee is female over and over and over again? Still, if you’re interested it was Nottingham Uni 10 – 3 Nottingham Trent.

Hopefully you stuck around to hear what was another very fun show.

Toby brought a theme along for his songs this week – bands and songs with the word “fuck” in. Who ever said PhD students are mature? ūüėõ That said, some cracking songs once more – even if the Plan B track only managed to make Toby laugh once (that boy is a hard one to crack…). Less indiepop from me (only two tracks, Sucrette and a request from Luke for Awesome Animal Ambulance) and no country at all – so the show was rather guitar/noise and hip-hop heavy tonight. Never a bad thing when the show after you is playing “chill out”. Who’d want to chill out after this playlist?

Girl Talk – Once Again
Fucked Up – Hidden World
Braintax – Munchies
Fuck – Fuck Motel
Mission Of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
The Blood Brothers – Burn Piano Island, Burn [from Fucking Greatest Hits]
Rappers Delight Club – When We Were Kids
Silver Jews – Party Barge
The Replacements – Fuck School
Sucrette – Love Prologue
Awesome Animal Ambulance – Operation Kitty
The Fucking Champs – NWOBHM-2
Plan B – Charmaine
The Magik Markers – Body Rot
Marnie Stern – Plato’s Fucked Up Cave

Toby and Alex should be back from 9pm next Monday night (28th April).

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