Posted by: TomA | 12 April 2008

The Caravelles


Some records you just have to listen to over and over again. This has been the way for the past couple of weeks, as I’ve delved into the back catalogue of the 60s girl duo, The Caravelles.

Andrea and Lois were one hit wonders, hitting #3 in the US billboard 100 and #6 in the UK charts in 1963 with their first single, a cover of Moon Mullican’s You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry. And that was more or less it – they plugged away for another 5 years, with little success, before giving solo careers a go – with Lois recording under the name Lois Lane.image

The three tracks included below all come with breathy vocals, whispered harmonies and plenty of upright bass. Just the thing for a Saturday evening: bittersweet if ever there was.

The Caravelles – You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry

The Caravelles – The Last One To Know

The Caravelles – Have You Ever Been Lonely

Thanks to Kara, who’s Unicorn Meat blog the Caravelles photo comes from.



  1. “Hi Tom
    my having rediscovered ” the Caravelles ” after so many years I wondered if you might know whether there is any CD available with the caravelles recordings on it ?
    In anticipation

    I’m only aware of the Story Of… compilation on Marginal Records. Can’t find any details of full re-issues, but if I do I’ll blog it. Your best bet I suspect will be ebay for a physical copy; some trackers may have mp3 versions I guess.

    [I moved your comment to the correct place here Steve]

  2. Hi Tom – should you be interested there are some tracks with photos I’ve uploaded on to youtube- I also have a lot of tracks from an unreleased album ‘Sweet Music’ recorded by Andrea Simpson and her partner Lynne Hamilton in 1968 (who replaced Lois in 1965); one track called ‘Dawning of the Day’ can be found on Youtube; but to be fair the style differs slightly.

    All the best


  3. It looks like the green photo you used came from my scan on my blog. A link would be nice!
    cool blog!

  4. Hi Fraser,
    My stage name was Paula Stephens – I replaced Lynne Hamilton and was a Caravelle from 1971-1978 singing with Andrea Simpson and living in Culcheth. I live in Tasmania now.
    I would love to hear from you.

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