Posted by: TomA | 10 April 2008

A More Cautious Approach

My previous [and subsequently removedreturned!] post about ***stan caused someone to make a very good point in the comments box – that I need to be oh so careful about what I say here. Governments that are, let’s say, cautious about foreigners may be less than enthusiastic about issuing us visas having read what may have been a rather excitable and enthusiastic take on the eccentricities of the country. The fact that this blog features the name of our team members (as I believe it should in order to inform our sponsors who we are, what we do etc) doesn’t make things any better.

But the dilemma is: blogging about things that go right and are easy is much less interesting. You want to read about just how different some of these places are to the West: not in an overreactionnary Oh My God! way, just out of simple curiosity, for culture and society different to our own is interesting. Yet if I do, and they decide they’d rather not have my opinion in the wider world, they won’t let me in [or, worse possibly, out…].



  1. Uh-uh. We blog and learn eh?

  2. Well, yes, indeed.

    *goes back to blogging about female fronted indiepop that no one else listens to*

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